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Clinic History

Your Healthy Skin is Our Priority

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Clinic History

Your Healthy Skin is Our Priority

Established in 1970 by Dr. John R. Haserick

History of Pinehurst Dermatology

Dr. Haserick started a residency in internal medicine in Minneapolis in 1941. In 1942 the University of Minnesota, 26th General Hospital, US Army was activated and Dr. Haserick served on the internal medical service for 3 1/2 years overseas in England, North Africa, and Italy.

While in Italy, Dr. Haserick was assigned to the dermatology services and became interested in diseases of the skin as a specialty. After World War II, he became a resident in dermatology at the University Hospitals. In 1948, he joined the dermatology department of the Cleveland Clinic becoming head of the section in 1960. With an interest in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) which began during his residency, he became a recognized authority on the disease.

Dr. Haserick discovered the blood factor in SLE to involve every organ of the body and thus every specialty. He received the Discovery Award of the Dermatology Foundation for his work in 1999. After losing 9 of 10 patients with SLE in 1948 and 1949, he received government grants to support a new drug cortisone, which could be used indefinitely on these patients and this resulted in a drop in the mortality rate to slightly over 10 percent. Eventually he treated over 300 patients with the disease, many who have kept in touch with him regularly, even after his retirement in 1987.

Dr. Haserick had over 75 articles published in various medical journals, and appeared in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. He was a full professor of Medicine (Dermatology) at Case Western Reserve University from 1967-1970. Dr. Haserick moved to Pinehurst, NC, in 1970 and established The Pinehurst Dermatology Clinic .

Stephen E. Rostan, MD, joined the Clinic July 1976, followed by Carter Grine, MD, in July 1997, Elena M. Avila, PA-C, June 2005, Pamela Guest, MD, September 2007, Heather Kitchens, PA-C, July 2018 and  Dr. Timothy Pearson, MD FAAD, August 2021.

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